Public Law

French Administrative Law and Public Business Law are the first areas of expertise of my firm.

French Administrative Law and Public Business Law were my majors at Sciences Po and at the University of Paris. This law firm’s breadth of experience in those areas is based on years of practice first as a legal intern in French administrations (Conseil d’Etat and Secrétariat Général de la Défense Nationale – SGDN) and in the Public Law departments of leading law firms in Paris (August & Debouzy, Baker & Mc Kenzie). Upon completion of my national/military service at the French Embassy in Taiwan, I started my career as a Junior Associate at leading Paris law firm Deprez Dian Guignot.

When acting in litigation for the private sector and for other actors, including private persons, Daniel Mugerin’s law firm deals with the substantive legal issues involved in government regulation and decision-making within a legal and strategic framework.

This preserves on-going relationships with government and other public bodies important to my clients’ businesses.

The firm has earned a solid reputation and experience in the following fields:

  • civil service law and employment regimes, especially teachers’ law and military personnel’s law,
  • infra-state community law,
  • public procurement and associated forms of public contract law,
  • administrative tort claims,
  • applications and proceedings for interim measures.

Daniel’s Mugerin law firm has considerable experience of advising both public bodies and those (private undertakings and persons, civil servants) affected by the actions of public authorities on the duties and obligations which arise through Public and Administrative Law and of advising upon challenges to decisions of public bodies.

Daniel Mugerin Avocat provides representation at court (Tribunal administratif and Cour administrative d’appel) in Paris, in the French regions and in Overseas-France (Basse Terre, Cayenne and Fort de France).

Corporate law

Daniel Mugerin Avocat is a law firm that shares your entrepreneurial values, dedication and dynamism. We value and support entrepreneurship and fully act as a decision support system.


Daniel Mugerin Avocat is an experienced law firm in the areas of French and EU Competition Law.

My law office commercial praxis is grounded in EU business law. EU law confers rights and obligations on the authorities in each member country, as well as individuals and businesses. The authorities in each member country are responsible for implementing EU legislation in national law and enforcing it correctly, and they must guarantee citizens’ and companies’ rights under these laws.

My law office focuses on issues and cases that pertain to:

• the establishment and management of distribution networks and franchising,

• unfair competition proceedings,

• actions against restrictive business practices.

Daniel Mugerin Avocat advises and represents all businesses, most especially SMEs, in cases involving Competition Law.

We can assist you in the establishment of distribution agreements and contracts, especially when you are considering expanding into new markets, most notably in the Caribbean Basin where strong professional links have been established with English-speaking independent law firms.

We can assist you in French, English and German.

Commercial Law

Daniel Mugerin Avocat is a law firm that shares your entrepreneurial values, dedication and dynamism. We value and support entrepreneurship and fully act as a decision support system.

We advise and represent all businesses from SMEs, start-ups and individual entrepreneurs to larger more established companies.

The main areas of expertise of the office are:

• The creation and incorporation of your businesses and all related legislation and regulatory requirements. Our effective business legal advice does accompany you and can make a significant contribution to the performance of your business. We help you determine the appropriate articles of incorporation and find your way into other constitutional issues. We also guide you through issues related to directors’ duties and liabilities, company meetings, shareholder rights and shareholder agreements, share issues and buy-backs, schemes of arrangements, and reorganisations. We assist you with your general terms and conditions of business.

• Commercial Property – Commercial and professional lease agreements.

We can provide advice on all aspects of commercial property deals, including landlord and tenant issues, transfer of ownership, property litigation. Daniel Mugerin Avocat helps you through legal and regulatory rules that apply to your business. Your commercial property transactions require expertise, tenacity and skill to deliver pragmatic and commercial solutions. We are there at every step of your transactions (lease negotiation, lease signature, execution, termination).

We help you resolve commercial disputes whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Employment Law

Daniel Mugerin Avocat advises and represents all businesses from start-ups and individual entrepreneurs to SMEs and larger more established companies in relation to the social and employment rules applicable to their area.

Businesses have to deal with ever-increasing legislation and regulatory requirements in the area of Employment Law. We know that it is a challenge for many business people to keep abreast of current and upcoming employment law regulations.

My office can assist you with all mandatory and facultative practices required or recommended by law and regulation:

  • policy documentation,
  • general HR advice and support,
  • effective contracts,
  • employees representation,
  • discrimination and harassment/bullying,
  • profit-sharing agreement,
  • company savings scheme.

In litigation, Daniel Mugerin Avocat can represent you before all social-type and Employment Law courts and tribunals (conseil de prud’hommes, tribunal des affaires de sécurité sociale, tribunal du contentieux de l’incapacité, tribunal d’instance), both in Continental France and in the French Overseas Départements, chiefly French Guyana, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Criminal law

Daniel Mugerin Avocat is a law firm that provides counsel and legal assistance in the areas of Disciplinary Law and Criminal Law.

This law firm’s Criminal Law practice is intertwined with its Public Law and its Commercial Law practices. We provide legal advice and representation during police custody, police enquiries and criminal investigation and at court, especially in the following areas:

  • harassment/bullying at the workplace,
  • detection of potential hazard and risk prevention relating to the criminal liability of the directors,
  • ethics, corruption and collusion in public procurement.

We offer a dynamic, skilful and explicit examination of each situation. The protection of your interests and, above all, of your freedoms and fundamental rights is of utmost importance to us.

Daniel Mugerin Avocat represents its clients at court (“tribunal correctionnel”) in Continental France and in the French Overseas Departments (French Guyana, Guadeloupe and Martinique).