The European Prosecutors of the new European Public Prosecutor’s Office took their oath in a ceremony at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on 28 September 2020. This new Europe-wide body will tackle large-scale, cross-border crime against the EU budget. It is currently being set up with the aim to start operating in the end of 2020, at […]

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In a decision of 07 June 2018 the Criminal Tribunal of Créteil has found that, among others, the two drug traffickers who talked their victim into conveying their drug have been sentenced to up to 10 years in jail. The ring operated between Fort de France in Martinique and Bordeaux in Continental France. The victim lost her […]

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The principle of equal treatment in employment and occupation provided for by European law does not prohibit Member States from implementing statutory instruments or acts that edict age limits for accessing the public service.   In case C-258/15 (Gorka Salaberria Sorondo v Academia Vasca de Policía y Emergencias), Mr Gorka Salaberria Sorondo disputes the lawfulness […]

CROCIS (Centre Régional d’Observation du Commerce, de l’Industrie et des Services), the economic think tank and research unit of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, published on 19 July 2016 a short survey on the state of IDF (Ile de France) Region / UK economic relations in the context of Brexit, following the vote […]

Pierre GATTAZ Chair of MEDEF (the leading French employers’ federation) is due to visit French Guyana (Cayenne) on 26-28 July 2016. French Guyana, an overseas département of France, with a population of 260.000, is the largest French region and home to the European Space Agency launchpad at Kourou. Mr. GATTAZ is due to meet his […]

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Daniel Mugerin Avocat, a Paris-based law firm, is launching its new and trilingual (English, French, German) blog.   This is intended to let you keep abreast of the latest legal news arising from statutory law, case law, both at domestic French and at EU level.   We sincerely hope that you will find it an […]